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Golf Party Live started June 2022 after overwhelming requests for golf lessons. Our owner/instructor, Donna Taylor, is also owner of Yoga Party Live, which attracts fun active women and those same clients all wanted to learn golf. After years of saying no to teaching golf again....she finally said yes! Donna taught golf in the San Francisco Bay Area throughout college to women. The demand was high in the 90's for female instructors. Her father, Dan Lippstreu, played on the PGA Golf Tour and has been her golf coach throughout her life. He spent years teaching her how to instruct beginner women. After COVID, golf was revived and there once again is a lack of female golf instructors. Donna's passion is bringing golf to women in a fun, approachable way. She loves building community and connecting with like minded women.  Donna is very thankful to those ladies who kept pressing her for lessons and got her out of golf instructor retirement.  She is loving it! 

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